Robert Martinez

Robert Martinez - Actor, Stand Up Comedian, Writer, Ladies Man

Robert is an entertainer who has his eye on success…“and that piece of cake that’s sitting on the table.” As a stand up comedian, Robert combines great stage presence with creative writing. His comedy act is “witty and edgy.”  Audiences love his perspective and unique style of comedy. His act, which covers everything from being ethnically mixed to being in an Internet gang, is able to connect with audiences of every race, age and background.

Robert is more than just cherubic good looks.  After graduating high school as valedictorian, Robert left his roots in Fort Worth, Texas and moved to the Bay Area to attend Stanford University. “I was continuously mistaken for a cafeteria worker. It was very insulting, because I was a janitor, not a dishwasher!” While in college, he began performing stand up comedy, winning the San Francisco Brainwash Comedy competition. Robert was so thrilled by the prize package of a hat, t-shirt and gift certificate that he knew it was worth the risk of driving to places like Oakland at night to do shows. 

Having worked as a security guard during his college summers, Robert aspired to be a full-time security guard once he graduated. Unfortunately, a football back injury squashed this dream. “After my security guard job fell through, there was nothing left for me to do with my Stanford degree but be an entertainer.” Since then, Robert has been a hit in stand up and as an actor.

His comedy credits include Comedy Central’s Laugh Riots, SiTV’s Latino Laugh Festival: The Show, Live in Hollywood and various radio appearances.  TV credits include ER, America’s Most Wanted, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and as a smack talking finalist in MTV’s Yo Momma.  Robert has also began a film career with roles in the indie comedy Little *ucker and the Mexican film Revolución, directed by award winning director Gerardo Naranjo and produced by Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal.  He can also be seen in a slew of commercials including Target, Sprint, Comcast, Eastwood Insurance, Playstation, Dodge, Oakland A’s and Star Wars Battlefront.  

Currently, Robert co-writes, produces and stars in his own comedy web series Subletdowns.  A project very close to his heart, as it is his debut in a leading role and as a writer.  Whether it is film, TV, stage, Internet or writing long biographies, Robert is ready to entertain and make you laugh. The only thing that can deter his career is “that piece of cake on the table. Seriously, get me some milk."

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